The Show's History

Newtons Nuggets started as an idea April 2019 and the first one ever went out on facebook only on the 8th of May 2019. 

It was a simple idea – I had too much information in my head and I decided (through the power of Dee Atkins giving me a kick) to video loads of these ideas, tips, tricks and helpful “NUGGETS” of information to help the people that follow my page!  


Seriously – go have a look at the first one I ever made! 


After a while Jesse got involved, the production quality went up MASSIVELY and more people were getting involved, the comments and messages coming through around this silly little idea were just amazing! Now, when I say the production quality went up........ it was still 2 friends messing around with this idea BUT we started to care more about sound quality, run time, etc, etc. I tell you what, go have a look, you’ll see what I mean! 

The show started getting a bit longer, going from 1 minute to about 5 minutes because we were answering questions that viewers had sent in; the quality kept getting better too!  


March 11th 2020 we released the first show which included Jesse as a main presenter! We started doing little intros to the show and we had a great video that Jesse had made at the start of every show! 

Inspiring, entertaining and insightful!

Recently found this podcast as few months ago and I love the humour and inspiration! Jesse and Paul are great hosts and every episode is filled with some great nuggets!(pardon the pun!). Not only are they great hosts but they also bring on amazing guests that will help inspire your business to be a success!

Ricky Locke ★★★★★

This new format suited us well as it felt so much more comfortable for me to bounce ideas off of someone while on air! People liked Jesse being there, I liked Jesse being there and Jesse didn’t really know how he had been convinced to be there! 

So we settled in, still just us two, answering people and trying to help them! 


Then lockdown happened. We couldn’t be in the same studio. So we had to start making these things via a well know video chatting type application. 

Thank fully it still worked! 


Jesse had more editing duties but it worked!  
The country was in full lockdown and I wanted to do something that people could sit down and watch, Jesse and I thought it needed to be more than just the two of us chatting. So on May the 6th 2020 we released the first ever interview version of Newtons Nuggets. Enter a great friend of mine and seriously nice chap Mr Matthew Stirling. You can go watch the first interview we ever did just here:

We had now moved over to youtube because it just made sense - And Matt was the perfect first ever guest! 


Since then we have had some truly amazing people. The quality keeps going up and thank fully the sponsors keep supporting us. But none of this would have happened if it was for those first few people who watched..... listened..... and sent in some interesting questions for us to answer! 

Here’s to you guys, and to the future of Newtons Nuggets!