Jesse Lawrence

Jesse's background

Jesse is known as the man behind the podcast; Paul's sidekick, editor and "master" of all things technical. But he has worked business for a long time, from large global enterprises to small businesses. As well as having his own photography company, Jesse has been a key part in helping Paul with his MentalTheft ventures, including helping to write the book. 


Jesse the Marketeer

With a career in sales and marketing, Jesse has had a number of roles. Currently the marketing manager for Dynamics Consultants, a company specialising in business software, Jesse specialises in understanding the needs of the audience. Having helped to grow the business to 3 times the size, he uses a mix of technical skills and artistry to help communicate with the company's audience.


Jesse the Photographer

People normally hate having their photo taken, which is a bad mix when you consider how awkward a lot of photographers are! This is why Jesse has built a name as the go-to wedding photographer for people who hate having their photo taken, because he has a knack to making them feel comfortable and really enjoy their special day! He also loves live music and is well known in the music scene as a photographer, having photographed new acts to well known acts such as Skunk Anansie, Take That, Lily Allen, 


Jesse the author

As part of the MentalTheft goal, Paul, with the aid of Jesse, wrote the extremely popular book by the same name. Available from all good online book stores, the MentalTheft book is an easy to read way to understand how to stay safe from scams, thieves and cybercriminals.