Ever seen this question in one of those facebook business groups? 

"If you had to make £1000 in a week, how would you do it?"

Keith Throws Down a Challenge

Well Friend, Sponsor and previous guest Keith Blakemore-Noble asked that very question in Stacey Calder's Business Success Network group. 

1000 pounds.jpg

July Sponsorship Special!


Well, this is a "Business" podcast, so rather than leave it hypothetical, we are giving it a go! So for a week in June, we are giving people the special opportunity to buy a sponsorship slot - one ad and some social media for just £75.00. It also gives businesses who have wanted to sponsor but not be able to spend the money to get involved with a lower cost spot!

If you are reading this, the tickets are available from our shop on MentalTheft:

Why Sponsor the Show?

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  • Newtons Nuggets Episode per week

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  • 3500+ business people presented to at various events

What Our Sponsors Say

"I have known Paul for many years in a professional and personal capacity and always found the way he talks about things with so much enthusiasm and experience incredibly reassuring. He makes sure he is up-to-date with his thoughts and approaches. So, when he launched Newtons Nuggets and was putting little bite size pieces of information out there to start to get people thinking about areas that they may not normally think about, I wanted to show my support and help him reach as many people as he could. If just one person is helped by each one then that is great; though I think a lot more than that have benefitted from Newton’s Nuggets, including myself. Sponsoring Newton’s Nuggets has enabled me to support a great resource, increase awareness of my company and provided leads as a result."

Matthew Parker, Forest Edge Solicitors