Paul Newton

Paul's background

Paul is a family man, entertainer and entrepreneur. Having started in entertainment at a young age, he has worked both on stage and backstage for decades. He has also worked in the corporate world, including working in sales for a psychometrics company. Having made the decision to work for himself, mostly to suit his family life, he has become a prolific networker, and is now mostly known as the voice of the cybersecurity industry.

He is also the founder and face of Newton's Nuggets! Using his fun and friendly personality, Paul loves interviewing people with interesting stories.


Paul the magician

JLawrence-Photography-001 (2).jpg

Many people know Paul as one of the UK's top magicians, in particular a weddings and events magician. What a lot of people don't know is that Paul also does a wide range of stage shows, and has performed with Uri Gellar, Richard Digence. Steve Hewlett. Matthew Stirling. Bobby Davro, Alistair McGowan, Paul Daniels, Craig Petty, Marcus Brigstocke.

Paul the public speaker


There is a huge void between the techno geniuses and the every day person. Paul's mission in his buisness MentalTheft is to communicate with people to understand the risks of modern day crime, and how people are generally the weak point in any security system. As a public speaker he is engaging and entertaining, whilst providing valuable lessons.

Paul the author

As part of the MentalTheft goal, Paul, with the aid of Jesse, wrote the extremely popular book by the same name. Available from all good online book stores, the MentalTheft book is an easy to read way to understand how to stay safe from scams, thieves and cybercriminals.