Raw and emotional with Chris Dawes, Return of the Legend (contains swearing)

There's no two ways to say this, the Chris Dawes interview was the most popular podcast that we have done so far. That said, we got in a bit of trouble - because we tried to get Chris to not swear on the show; which he did really well with and we only had to put a few beeps in. The following week we then had Brad Burton on the show and there was so much swearing we just did a warning and let him get on with it!

So this time Chris is back, and WE HAVE NOT CENSORED HIM - BAD LANGUAGE WARNING!

But more importantly, in the 6 months since we have had him on the show, Chris Dawes has been on an emotional rollercoaster, with love, loss and plenty of reflection.

This episode is a real tour de force and despite asking for one nugget, there are tonnes of helpful lessons in here. In this episode we talk about work life balance, our understanding of being successful, tv quiz shows, keynote speaking and so much more!

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