The Activity Connector

The Activity Connector is run by Dom Fenton, who has been involved in sport and education for 25 and 17 respectively whether that as a

sportsman, coach or on a managerial role. Dom has worked in and outside of education from Primary to FE and will always have the children and young people’s interests at heart.

Having had some difficulties through his own life, as discussed in his episode, Dom was fortunate to find sport and physical activity at a young age, and it is that, which has literally enabled him to be here today.

Wanting to inspire children and young people to keep on the right track, Dom helps them achieve this through the power of sport and activity. There is a sport or activity for every child, young person or adult.

Activity connector is privileged to work with some other amazing organisations’ you will be able to find out about many of these through their website.

The Activity Connector