Unleash your awesome - Taz Thornton

Taz Thornton tells us about her journey of going through 8 weeks of hell to becoming an award winning Business Coach and top inspirational speaker. We talk about the potential in every one of us, and she even kicks Paulie's arse for free!


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Nuggeteer of the Week

Nuggeteer of the week is Steve Dimon, who has not only been helping out, but treated Paul to a Curry!

Check out his business https://www.1stcomputerservices.com/

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This isn't really a sponsor as they haven't paid for an advert, it is just a shout out to friends of the show Paul Spicer aka Middle Aged Gamer Guy and Brad Burton with their show Nerdcon! It's at the Arcade club in Bury, on 17th August 2022.


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